Rates & Services


Our current hourly rate is $300, plus expenses. One exception is that the first two hours of deposition or trial status is billed at $600/hr, then returning to the $300 rate for subsequent hours. There are three basic levels of service. The first level, the minimum assignment for which we will open a file and be retained, is an Initial Analysis. A typical Initial Analysis involves no field inspections and will not result in opinions to “a reasonable degree of engineering certainty”. It is intended to give guidance as to whether a crash is likely to be reconstructable and the likely results if it were reconstructed. Available information, such as the police report, measurements, photographs and statements are reviewed in our offices. This service is billed at $1200 (assuming no more than a normal amount of information to be reviewed). A full reconstruction, including field inspections of vehicles and site, will depend in part on travel time. Although we practice primarily in the Midwest, we are available for travel within the lower 48 states. A detailed proposal can be prepared depending on the specific case, but expect at least $7,000-9,000 for a typical 2-vehicle crash in the state of Wisconsin. A 50%-of-total retainer may be required before beginning work. The last level of service is applicable to recent crashes, and consists of field inspections to preserve physical evidence without completing the necessary office work to reach final conclusions. The cost is usually approximately one-half the cost of a full reconstruction analysis. Downloading of an Event Data Recorder is $800 additional.