Submit a Case

To submit an assignment, please call 608-256-8010 or 608-256-8020. We will need to check our conflict database before accepting a new assignment.

Please have the following information available when you call (in decreasing order of importance):

  • Date of Crash (this is our primary key and is often the only information we will need to confirm our availability). Please make sure the date is as recorded on the police report
  • County and State where the crash occurred
  • Investigating agency (City Police, County Sheriff, State Patrol, etc.)
  • Names of drivers of vehicles involved in crash
  • Year/Make/Model of vehicles involved (to check for availability of air bag module and other data).
    For heavy trucks we may also need the Vehicle Identification Number to check for availability of ECM data.
  • Specific location of accident and vehicles.
    Note: Please make every effort possible to locate crash vehicles, even if the crash was months or years in the past. Unless they have been shredded or crushed, there may still be value in a physical inspection. For example, air bag module data is non-volatile and may still be accessed after much time has passed.
  • If you are submitting materials, following is a list of materials we will typically seek in a 2-vehicle crash analysis. If you are unfamiliar with some items, we can request directly:
    • All police reports, including supplements and statements (Scanned to Adobe Acrobat .pdf files is preferred)
    • Measurements taken at the crash scene either as field notes on paper or a coordinate list from surveying equipment (sometimes called “shot sheets”), or as digital drawing files (.dgn, .dwg, .dxf and .czd are preferred file formats)
    • Any reports of air bag module (Event Data Recorder) data or ECM data (heavy trucks) downloaded Note: If possible, for Bosch CDR reports, obtain the original data file (usually .cdr or .cdrx)
    • Any additional reports, such as from insurance adjusters, investigators, etc.
    • Crash scene photographs, and any subsequent photographs of the crash site or damaged vehicles.
      Note: photographs should be in their original form as digital files (usually .jpg), Not scanned, printed on paper or converted to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or other file formats that discard data from the photographs.